Lilly Sheepskin Bean Bag


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Short Description

These stylish Scandinavian sheepskin beanbags are gorgeously soft, once you sink into them you’ll not want to get out. Made of short-haired sheepskin originating from Australia, renowned for its incredibly durable wool fibres they are not only cosy in the winter but surprisingly cool in the summer. Read More


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Due to its natural heat regulating and hypoallergenic properties sheepskin does an amazing job of regulating your body temperature. A brilliant solution for extra seating when you have a house full of guests the bean bag will add natural warmth and texture to your home. The cover is removable and washable with a hidden zipper on the side.

100% Sheepskin

Shepherd of Sweden devote the same time, care and attention to all of their products and are known for pure breed quality sheepskin products.
Shepherd have become world renowned for producing stylish, quality sheepskin goods with an eye for detail.

For easier soiling:
Vacuum clean, use cloth roll or wipe out by hand with sponge and lukewarm water or with foam cleaning and conditioner specially formulated for sheepskins that clean carefully without drying out. The foam is applied to a polyester sponge and is bathed gently until the skin or the wool is clean. Just sheepskins have dirt repellent properties, so by air and air regularly in high humidity, usually this is enough and makes the sheepskin feel fresh for a long time without having to wash Do not expose the sheep skin to strong heat or direct sunlight.

In case of heavier soiling:

Leather with wool length up to 35mm can be machine washable, but leather with longer wool length should be avoided to be machine washed as the wool can easily get caught in the drum. For laundry use a mild liquid detergent adapted for wool and sheepskin with a pH of 3.5-5.5 as free from enzymes, phosphates, peroxides, alkalis and bleaches. Highly soiled skin should be soaked in cold water before washing. Choose a 30 degree wiping program. Always use plenty of water. Please centrifuge but avoid drying and absolutely no drying with heat. Do not use bleach or rinse aid. After washing, the sheepskin is hung up or dried flat at room temperature. Work (pull and rub) the skin while still moist to maintain the smoothness of the skin. The skin must not be ironed. The sheepskin can also be cleaned by a specialist. Do not expose the sheep skin to strong heat or direct sunlight. Wool products are best washed by hand in lukewarm water and, if necessary, with a soft cloth. Avoid detergents with enzymes and basic solutions such as soap flakes or soap.

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