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These rustic benches are made from the best reclaimed Pine that has been carefully selected by Stuart before being built in his workshop. Stuart is an “old school” carpenter who we’ve worked with for the last 20 years, he has great eye for achieving the right look which comes with years of experience. Read More



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Anyone can build furniture from sliced up old timber but that’s not the way that we do it… Our aim is to retain the patina from years of and wear and tear on the surface of the wood and then present it in its new form to our clients. The finished product is lightly sanded and then polished with multiple coats of beeswax.

We originally designed these benches for porches and entrance lobbies to store shoes, but they’ve been used for TV’s, placed at the foot of a bed and the smaller ones have been used as occasional tables.

It’s fascinating to find out where the latest batch of timber has come from and the most recent is from a demolished Hotel in Newstead Abbey that was built in 1891.The wood has a lovely colour and great patination.